Ciao Amici!


I know I’ve been super MIA, but I’m in Italia for semana santa. I spent my first few days in Florence and I’m currently in Rome. I’m loving Italy so far! I’ll have lots to write when I return to Spain on Monday! ¡Hablamos pronto!



Special Guests.


Since it’s semana cultural at my school, this week is is full of all sorts of activities. Yesterday, Cristina Medina, the actress who plays Nines in La Que Se Avecina, came to the school to talk to my ESO kids about acting and such. She was super nice! This picture is me and most of the 1 and 2 ESO teachers with her.

I’m prepping to leave for Italy for semana santa, so I’m going to try and write a quick post tonight about how I packed for the 11 day trip. If not, you’ll be getting quite a few posts upon my return April 1st.
¡Hablamos pronto!


This Was My Lunch Today:

This Was My Lunch Today:

Have I mentioned how much I love Spanish food and my Spain family?! And yes, the bottom one is Paella Fideua. Deliciousness.


Going Along with My Post from Yesterday…

This is a picture I took of the Puerta de Alcalá during my very first week here in Spain. If there’s one more thing I could add to my list from yesterday, it would be the Madrid sky.



Ice Skating in Majadahonda.


I went on a field trip with my 1st and 2nd ESO students to the ice rink in Majadahonda. The kids were awesome at helping me skate around the rink and were constantly arguing over whose turn it was to hold my hand 🙂
See if you’re able to spot me among my kiddies in the picture! Hint: I’m wearing a green jacket.


Sorry for the lack of blogging lately!!


I’ve been busy at the school and I’m currently in Paris for the long weekend!! I’ll be back soon with lots of updates 🙂

¡Hablamos Luego!