Visa Update.

Okay, so it seems that there needs to be come clarification regarding my last post. I saw that someone commented on facebook that they were surprised that my post mentioned getting the medical certificate notarized and with the Apostille of the Hague. I can assure I did not just make that requirement up. First, each consulate has different requirements. Some mention having the medical certificate notarized while others do not. I was sent an email directly from the DC Embassy of Spain last month with a list of everything I needed in order to get my visa. This is what I received:


  1. Personal appearance is required in order to submit documentation. Students or Parents. Students must appear in person at least once, either to apply or to pick it up.
  1. 1 National Visa Application form filled out and signed.
  1. Passport. The passpot must be valid for at least six months with at least one blank page to affix the visa. If you are not a US citizen you must show proof of legal residency in the US (Green Card or proper visa) B1/B2 holders do not qualify to apply for a visa in this Consulate Office.
  1. 1 recent passport photo size with a white background.
  1. Original Letter of Acceptance and 1 copy from the University or school addressed to this Consulate General verifying enrolment as a full time student in an official university or school in Spain. THIS LETTER MUST ALSO state that the student has medical insurance coverage while the student is in Spain.  If there is no insurance information on this letter, the student will need a letter from their insurance company verifying that he/she is covered internationally. We do not accept insurance cards.


  1. Proof of Financial Means during your stay: please provide one of the following:


  • Letter from the University or School in Spain or in the USA assuming full financial responsibility during your stay (this is often included into the acceptance letter).
  • Proof of financial aid or scholarship for a minimum of $1,000.00 per month for tuition, room, board and personal expenses.
  • If financial responsibility is not assumed by the program, notarized letter from your parents or legal guardians assuming full financial responsibility for at least $1,000.00 per month for the student expenses.


  1. Self-addressed and Pre-Paid US “Express-Mail” envelope from the Post Office if you wish to have your passport returned by mail. We do NOT accept any other type of courier or messenger service. Tracking of mailed items is the sole responsibility of the applicant. However, this will only be accepted if the applicant comes in person to apply.
  1. We will only accept complete applications. YOU MUST bring the ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS and ONE COPY of each requirement including copy of your passport, where the picture is and your personal information.
  1. FEES- CASH OR MONEY ORDER WE DO NOT ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS OR CREDIT CARDS.           US citizens- $140.00 non-refundable

NON US citizens — $81.00 non-refundable

For those students staying more than 6 months, please provide the following:

  1. Police Record (Criminal Background) original and 1 copy issued by either a, State police or Federal police (FBI) where the student has lived for the past year. This document must be notarized with the Hague Apostille.
  1. Medical Certificate original and 1 copy: Doctor´s statement on a doctor or medical letterhead, indicating that the student has been examined and found in good physical and mental health to travel abroad and he/she is free of contagious diseases and drug addiction. This document must be signed by the doctor. This document must be notarized with the Hague Apostille.

The visa process could take up to six weeks therefore plan your application in advance. You may apply up to 90 days before your departure date. If you apply less than six weeks before your travel date keep in mind that your visa may not be ready on time and you may have to rearrange your departure.  

As you can see, it clearly states on there that the medical certificate needs to be notarized with the Apostille of the Hague. I should mention, however, that I have been told by 2 people who called the DC Embassy that they were told that it is no longer necessary. I preferred to be safe than sorry, however, and ended up getting the medical certificate notarized with the Apostille of the Hague. Oh and also, the fee is no longer $140, but $160 to file for your visa.

Anyway, I went today to file my visa and all went smoothly. I was in and out in less than 10 minutes and was told my visa should arrive in 5 weeks.

The joy that will consume me when I have my Spain visa in my hand will be unreal. Here’s to the next 5 weeks flying by!!


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. eludingennui
    Jun 21, 2012 @ 23:11:36

    Hello there,

    Was that acceptable for the embassy to have the medical letter signed by you and then notarized? Then it was certified then could receive the Apostille right? I’m doing all this in the next few days, but had to get a new medical letter made. I emailed the embassy to ask if there was an expiration on when they would accept it. Since my letter is dated March 27 they said I would need an updated letter….and of course my doctor required I take a physical…

    Also, when you took in your letter from BEDA I’m assuming you just printed the scanned version they sent, right? Did you do it in colour? Did you, or your parents, have to provide any kind of financial information, or was the letter good enough for that?


    • Yari
      Jun 21, 2012 @ 23:20:08

      I had no issues with the medical certificate being notarized with my signature. I know of a few people who have motorized their certificate that way without a problem. And the scanned letter they emailed us is fine as our acceptance letter. That letter also contains all the info they need regarding our pay and health insurance so you don’t need to have any other forms saying you’re covered financially during your stay. The letter from Comillas is more than enough. Just remember to make copies of EVERYTHING. And that includes a copy of your passport even though they keep it. And a copy of all the pages of your background check along with the apostille page that the state department staples to the original. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask! I know how stressful this whole visa process is for all of us.


  2. eludingennui
    Jun 26, 2012 @ 16:43:57

    Hi Yari,

    I made soooo many copies and went down to DC this morning. First, I got the Apostille for the FBI letter. It was in a really strange location. Then I walked down to the Consulate and was out in 15 mins. They also told me it would take 5 weeks.


    • Yari
      Jun 26, 2012 @ 17:21:12

      Yay! I’m glad things went smoothly for you!! So lucky that you got the apostille right in DC. I had to go down to Annapolis to get it.


      • eludingennui
        Jun 26, 2012 @ 20:50:44

        Ahhh… funny because Annapolis would have actually been closer and easier since I live close, but I’m just glad the DC trip worked out without any problems! I guess Annapolis is probably quite a trek for you.

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