CIEE and BEDA are 2 programs that a EXTREMELY similar to auxiliares de conversación. I have provided the links to both programs so you can inform yourself at your leisure.

I almost applied to CIEE and even started the application process. However, I decided that CIEE is not really the program for me since it costs quite an amount of money. I can’t really afford a program that costs over $1500. For others, though, this may be a good option. Also, CIEE is very involved in helping you get settled in Spain, so this is definitely a good program for someone who would like to feel like they are going to have their hand  held along the way. I should also mention that the majority of the placements in CIEE are in Andalucia, Spain.

BEDA is extremely similar to auxiliares, except that instead of public schools, BEDA works with catholic schools in Spain. The majority of the placements are in Madrid with a few in other locations like Castilla y León. Another aspect to BEDA is that you take a course at a university in Spain to help you with the teaching aspect of your job and to help you learn about Spain and Spanish.

The application process for CIEE and BEDA differ quite a bit. The CIEE application is all online. It’s fairly straightforward and has similar requirements to the auxiliar one (recommendation letters, copy of passport, copy of transcripts, etc.). There is also an application fee (last I checked it was $50 but it could always change so make sure to check when you apply).

For BEDA you send in a cover letter and resume (with a picture) to the coordinator. This past year, the coordinator was Samantha Dwyer. I don’t know if she’ll be the coordinator again next year so I don’t want to put her information down. Just check the link I posted with the BEDA site for all the details you need regarding where to send your application. After you send your application and it is received, you will be contacted about setting up a skype interview. Don’t stress about the interview. Mine was only about 10 minutes or so and Samantha was extremely kind and helpful and was willing to answer all of my questions. I would recommend writing down any questions or concerns you have beforehand so you can ask them during your interview.

Much like auxiliares, BEDA and CIEE also provide health insurance along with the stipend. Both programs also have orientation. CIEE will provide you with accommodation for the first 5 nights at your local school town and they will also arrange for a ride when you arrive at the airport. As I mentioned before, CIEE does provide a LOT of help, but it comes with a price (the cheapest program is around $1200 but it is for people who are well-versed in Spanish and have experience in Spain. The other programs for beginners start at about $2300).

I mentioned earlier that I chose not to apply to CIEE after seeing the cost. I just felt auxiliares and BEDA provide the same opportunity for no price at all so I didn’t see why I should have to pay for CIEE.

Currently, I am waiting to hear from BEDA regarding whether I will be accepted to the program and where I would be placed. I should be hearing in the first week of May…so soon! Auxiliares is likely to send out placements in mid-late May. This is good because if I hear from BEDA first and find that I have been accepted, I will likely agree to make the commitment to BEDA. I just think BEDA is more suitable to me, though if it does not work out, I am definitely accepting wherever auxiliares puts me. Another reason I want to hear from BEDA first is because auxiliares only gives you 7 days to accept or decline your placement, and I would hate to have to accept without knowing anything from BEDA yet. The main reason I would want BEDA is because it gives me the greatest chance of being in Madrid. If I end up being placed elsewhere (unless it’s Castilla y León since that is my other preference region), I may decide to decline and just accept my placement in auxiliares (wherever that may end up being).

¡Hablamos luego!


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  1. Kelly
    Jan 29, 2013 @ 02:41:51

    Hi Yari! I love your blog and am so glad I learned about the BEDA program in addition to the Ministry program. Like you, I have applied to both, but I am wondering what information you were given about the placement timeline for BEDA. It sounds like last year they did interviews in February or March, and placements in the second week of May. This year, since the deadline for applying is Jan 31, do you have any information about whether placements would be made earlier (maybe April?). I would prefer placement in BEDA, and my inscrita number for the Ministry program is pretty high (1652), so I’m hoping I’d hear from BEDA first. All of your posts are so helpful!!


    • Yari
      Jan 29, 2013 @ 17:51:48

      Hey Kelly! I have no idea what BEDA’s timeline is like for this year in regards to placement. I will say that you have about a 90% chance of hearing from BEDA before you hear from the Ministry program regarding placement. I was around your number last year with the Ministry and didn’t receive placement until around mid-June.


  2. conquistadoracareese
    Feb 11, 2013 @ 23:52:45

    Yari where were you placed in June last year? I am inscrita #1611 for the NALCA program and applying for both BEDA and CIEE to optimize my chances of a ideal location. The website says the application deadline is February 14th, 2013


    • Yari
      Feb 12, 2013 @ 00:00:04

      I was placed in Castilla y León. If you ever have any questions/doubts about the programs (especially BEDA), feel free to contact me 🙂


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  4. conquistadoracareese
    Feb 12, 2013 @ 21:34:17

    Okay thanks! and the BEDA placed you in Madrid! thats amazing!! How long do you have to accept the BEDA offer? I applied last night and got an email from Samantha this morning. I’m hoping I get accepted but at the same time if Catalunya miraculously accepts ambassadors this year I’d love that too!


    • Yari
      Feb 12, 2013 @ 23:32:05

      If I remember correctly, we had about a week to accept the BEDA offer. And I had a feeling I would end up in Madrid with BEDA since the vast majority of the BEDA auxiliares are placed there. Very few are in Castilla y León and the Canary Islands. Good luck on the application process and interview!


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